highlights #87

We made it to Wednesday again!  Dave and I don't really have anything planned for this weekend, but...I'm really ready for him to come home for more than 9 hours (7 of which we spend sleeping).  Saturday and Sunday baby, here we come!

In the meantime I'm going with my young women at church to see this movie tonight, and I'm pretty excited about it, although I have been told to bring a hanky because water works are a for sure thing.

While I go do some Fandango-ing, here are some fun posts from around the web!

Hunter makes flats?  Who knew?

these swimsuits are pretty dang cute (I'm especially digging this one)

part of me says I really need to make these

I know we've all seen this little girl, but she's still adorable

be still my renter's heart

the cutest personalized stamps

kudos to Ben & Jerry - this is genius

cut flowers 101

pretty sure I need this Y sweatshirt (go cougars)

too beautiful to eat

a perfect bedroom 

some fun facts about the Oscars - and sign me up for that goody bag! 

this might have helped me through Humanities... 

and just because I still don't want the Olympics to be over


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Brittany Carpenter said...

Thanks for including a link to my bedroom! Your blog is adorable!