another wednesday night

Last night we drove down to Burbank to see The Saratov Approach with our laurels, a few priests...and basically anyone else from the ward who wanted to come.  It was a party.  And public service announcement for all those going to see a movie in downtown Burbank...there are at least 3 movie theaters in a two block radius of each other in the twisting labyrinth of those Burbank malls.  We know.  We went to all three.  Double check your GPS.

On the movie: I knew coming into the theater that this was going to be a hard story, but it definitely did not play out the way I was thinking it would.  I was super impressed by the acting and quality of the cinematography.  And it had a great message - I'm really glad our girls got to see it and, yes, I got teary eyed.  There.  I said it.

And then afterwards, of course, we had to get some sugar - Krispy Kremes anyone?  Nothing will make you feel like an old fart quite as fast as riding for 30 minutes in a Suburban full of 17-year-olds on a sugar rush belting their hearts out to Whitney Houston.  I may never be able to listen to I Will Always Love You the same way again...

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Kathleen said...

I love this. I typical fun night with YW - sugar & singing :)
PS - Love your shirt :)