highlights #86

I'm sitting by my window this morning watching big grey clouds that are promising rainApparently this should be the biggest downpour the LA area has seen in a few years, so three hip hoorays for that little blessing.  However, while I normally love cozy, rainy days, today they are adding to my semi-melancholy mood that is somewhere between I want a big cuppa tea and I need a good book to curl up with. 

While I go take a hot shower and try to shake Miss Debbie Downer, here are a few fun finds from around the web:

the Olympics may be over, but I still want this pullover

everything about this journal entry is perfection

great tips for a small water closet

animals growing up

tips for Japanese travelers visiting America - too funny

the cutest downloadable wallpapers

an empty San Fran - eerie or calming?

this is my new favorite guilty pleasure

these pictures are soothing to the soul

a darling maxi - yeah or nay?

ice flowers

is this about to become a new trend?


an interesting way of exploring beauty

how to remember pi

this is hilarious

and I don't care if you don't speak Norwegian, this is still guaranteed to warm your heart


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