Our house is bursting at the seams with flowers right now, and, truth be told, I love it.  I've got flowers in the entry way, on the kitchen table, on the coffee table, on the side table, and in my bedroom - it's like living in a flower shop.  And I've even given some away!  You won't find me complaining though...

My favorite is this freesia//stock combination and I couldn't help capturing it - and oh my gosh, that scent?  Heavenly.  I'm a new found freesia fan for sure.

Also, on a completely awesome note, these were taken on my SLR!  I think I might have figured out her temperamental I'm not going to ever focus or take pictures when you want me to problem.  But we'll see - she's been known to behave before and then decide to freak out.   Fingers crossed.

P.S. David proposed to me three years ago today!  So crazy how time flies so slowly, yet so fast.  Lots of those good memories can be found here.

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