highlights #89

This week has been one of those slow down and get things done kinda weeks.  Laundry.  Organizing.  Cleaning.  All that fun stuff.  David is still getting home from work relatively late (ok, midnight is just late, nothing relative about it), but last night was a fluke with him home at 9:00!  No joke, we were ready for bed and almost snoring by 9:45.  It's tiring keeping up with his schedule - and I'm not the one that has to brave LA traffic every morning!

Anyways, in other news, Dave is going on a business trip to Texas next week and I'm going to take that time to enjoy a few days with my family.  No complaining here - except for the fact that he'll be gone...

Here are some fun finds from the web:

castles vs. NYC apartments - morbidly humorous

this was funny

delicious maps

Boden gets me

beardless Disney characters - a little bizarre

from the genius who brought us the cronut

UP in real life!

really cute "watch me grow" stickers

natural makeup

a funny Frozen secret

dress love

and in case you haven't laughed today


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