down south

With David's birthday on Friday and Brooke's Mormon Prom on Saturday it only seemed right that we would hop in the car Saturday morning and book it down to see her all dolled up and celebrate David's b-day all in one.

But first, we had to drop off flowers.  Lots and lots of flowers.  I'm a teacher for our young women at church and we had a program this Sunday - New Beginnings - that celebrates our girls and pumps them up for our program for the coming year.  They needed someone to help with the flowers and I was only too happy to jump up and down to do it.  Buy flowers on your dime and spend all afternoon in hog heaven arranging them?  Sure thing.  I'm on it.

I ended up making two large arrangements and 10 center pieces and my kitchen smelled A-mazing on Friday.  I'm pretty sure I'd be perfectly happy if I was a florist.

After we got those off to someone who could make sure they didn't die between Saturday and Sunday we headed down to Orange County.

When we walked in we had a good laugh:

My mom and I were twins.  Down to our twisted back ponytails and almost our choice of earrings.  Too funny.  I'd say this was out of the ordinary, but then I'd be lying.  

And then we got this cute girl off to the dance - she looked so, so pretty and I love that we live close enough to be able to support her at the little things like this.  The plan is have my camera fixed by her school Prom so we can nix all these sub-par iPhone pics.

After the kids got off we headed down to Laguna Beach to celebrate a certain birthday boy!  We ate at this great grille and I'm still craving those sweet potato truffle fries.  Yum, yum, yum!  It's always a treat to get my mom and dad to ourselves on nights like this and just enjoy being together.  We're selfish like that.

And that was nice wrap to the weekend - except for that pesky hour drive home.  We're working on fixing that sooner rather than later...

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