an LA day

Saturday morning we became an apartment of three with my little sister, Brooke, coming up to spend the weekend with us.  Unfortunately we only have the couch to offer her, but she's a trooper and didn't even complain (Note to self: get an air mattress).

We didn't have any plans for Saturday, but what with Brooke coming up and David not having to go into the office (cue happy music), we definitely had to scrounge up some fun plans.

First we headed down into the city to best the iconic Hollywood sign.  Both Dave and I have been saying we wanted to go explore those Hollywood hills and now we can check that off our LA to-do list.  Plus Brooke had already done the hike before - sometimes it's nice to have a veteran with you, if not only for her to tell us where to park.  We had a great time ogling the homes on Beachwood Drive (and accidentally getting stuck on Hollyridge Drive) and enjoying the lovely scenery.  Those views from the top?  Pretty fantastic.

After our 3 mile hike we trekked back down to the car and went out for hotdogs at Pink's.  You know, to negate any possible health benefits from exercising.  Logical.

The half-hour long line was around the side of the building and the hotdogs, as we were told, were just fine, but the experience is worth it.  This little hotdoggerie has been in Hollywood since the 1930's and there are pictures all over its walls of the rich and famous who have stopped there for chili dog.  Truth be told, I'm kind of craving their onion rings right about now...

And that was a wrap!  We came home exhausted, took showers and naps (not necessarily in that order), and then made the most delicious margarita pizza.  I will be happy if more Saturdays are spent like this one.

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