a wrap up

Well, two weeks ago this was what happened:

See ya later alligator!  He was off for two weeks away in Kentucky for work and tomorrow he comes hommmme!  I've decided two weeks away from each other is entirely too long and I'll be happy if we don't have to do something like that again anytime soon.

So for the first week he was gone, my view was lots of this:

Lots of kiddos and puppy dogs.  I was off to basketball practices, dance classes, talent shows, and all of that ilk.  Not to mention making lunches, getting kids out the door to school, and entertaining a 4-year-old for most of the day.  It was motherhood by fire and really a lot of fun.
And also exhausting.

On Friday night I ran home, repacked, and came down to Orange County to hang out with my family...and Bob Costas.  The Olympics have been on, more or less, non-stop since the Opening Ceremonies in this house.
As it should be.

We also make a lovely pilgrimage down to my favorite beach and dug up some family treasures in the garage. 

And now...it's just me and the dog.  The parents and the little sis were off for a long President's Day ski weekend up in Utah and I'm holding down the fort till David gets back to the west coast tomorrow. 

Ready for that guy of mine to be back home.

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