15th is the new 14th

Valentine's Day.  Something about me still loves it: all the lovey dovey-ness, chocolates, and husbands running to the florist after work to pick up a bouquet for their misses.  It gets me every time.  But since David's flight home didn't touched down till 9:30 in the PM on Friday, we were short on celebration time and were wiped out to boot (he'd been traveling/ working all day and I was in the car for 4ish hours that day - darn you Jamzilla!).  So we rescheduled for the next day and went right to bed when we got home.

Turns out I married a pretty sweet guy.  I woke up to the smell of pancakes and walked out to find two huge bunches of tulips on the table.  There are definite perks to his internal clock still being on central time: he'd gone to the grocery store (at like 6:45 AM) to get all the fixings.  What a doll.

Those chocolates are almost gone, the pancakes were heavenly, and we topped the day off with a showing of The Monuments Men, which was pretty great.

It can be belated Valentine's Day every Saturday as far as I'm concerned.

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