highlights #84

Well, I'm officially a single mom of five + a beagle till Friday.  So far, so good (ie: all the kids are still alive), and I'm learning a ton about how to keep a 4-year-old entertained.  It's a whole new kind of adventure.  While I pack up the Yukon (aka: the tank) for swimming, basketball, and lacrosse, here are a few things from around the web:

this is on my wish list

a perfect Vday shirt

the power of intentions

the skinny on Google

the cutest cake to get pumped for the Olympics (anyone else totally psyched?!)

a perfect picture

now I want a disco ball...

the deets behind NYC neighborhoods

the cutest chocolates

I always liked Ron and Hermione together anyway...

these are all true

and I need every. single. one of these dresses.  Seriously.



Annette Dawn said...

You go girl! good luck this week!

whitney said...

Thanks for posting about my dresses! xoxo