David and I thought we'd ease back into real life after a fun filled Christmas week with my family.  We left Orange County last Sunday, met up with my parents in Culver City to celebrate New Year's Day on Wednesday, and then hopped in the car again on Friday afternoon and went back down to Orange County.  Real life, shmeal life.  Who wants to get back to that anyway?

Actually, the reason we went back down south again this weekend was because one of my sweet friends from home was getting married!!  And we weren't about to miss that wild party.

 It was a lovely night and Alyssa was the most gorgeous bride.  Plus they had their reception at the same place we had ours!  Of course, even in California, it gets colder in January than it is in August, so they had the reception in the ballroom instead of out in the gardens, but Dave and I stepped out and took a quick peek.  Such great memories in that little courtyard...

And since we were already down for the reception we figured we might as well stay the night and spend time with family on Saturday morning.  We decided to get together for a lady's lunch and enjoy a stroll on the beach.  Never a bad idea.  Plus we tried a most delightful new restaurant that is right. on. the. beach.  I'm officially a Beachcomber Cafe fan.

On the beach in January.  Not a bad gig.

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