New Year's Resolutions.

A double edged sword indeed.  I love making goals to become a better person and improve myself and all that jazz, but this year I decided to reel myself in a little bit and really think about making goals that I could accomplish this year.

A novel idea indeed.

Here are a few of my new year's goals in hopes that I will hold more firmly to them if they're out here in the open for all to see:

Dave and I also started a tradition a few years back of picking a family theme for each new year.  It's not something we necessarily refer back to every day, but it's something we want to more better embody in our lives this year.  An overarching goal for ourselves to work towards, if you will.

In 2012 our theme was to find the best as we were leaving college and moving into the "real world" together.

In 2013 we decided our theme would be to always be still standing strong in the gospel (which comes from a quote we found in a talk that I, of course, can no longer find...).

And this year we decided to choose a theme from one of my favorite hymns, and a thought that often comes to my mind at the end of the day:

I figure if the scouts can do a good turn daily, so can we.

So there you have it folks.  These are my/our goals for this new year.  So let them be written.  So let them be done.
(And fingers crossed I don't forget them by February 1.)

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