highlights #81

We made it to Wednesday again!  Sadly, January 8th has a lot to live up to after last Wednesday being New Year's Day and the Wednesday before being Christmas, but we shall just have to make the most of it (even if David will probably be home at 9:00 tonight).  Actually today is kind of my first day really back to reality after Christmas break.  David has, most seriously, been working from home every day for the past week and a half with intermittent inventories scattered throughout, and I have been thoroughly spoiled to have him around.  I also got nothing done except a little laundry, grocery shopping, and getting Christmas taken down.  So today I'm in high clean mode.  My kitchen better watch out.

While I go get suited up with Lysol here are some fun finds from around the web:

this guy is a sweet husband

I'm digging her doily heart garland (never to early to decorate for Vday, right?)

speaking of love day - how cute is this festive (easy) garland


we found a pretty awesome and stupid, easy pizza dough recipe - and it got 2 thumbs up from four pretty picky pizza lovers

everything about this picture says perfect summer getaway to me

I love these pictures (and watching the mom's fashion evolve)

in case you haven't laughed today

how to properly put on powder (who knew?)

and in case you're like me and don't buy a calendar til the end of January when they're on sale, here's a nice way to bridge the gap


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