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Twenty-thirteen was a good year.

We partied at weddings and spent time with friends.

We celebrated our birthdays with roller coasters and brown bag lunches.

We made it up to Utah three separate times (for a combined total of almost 4 weeks of Nemrow family time and three out of four seasons - missing fall by the skin of our teeth, oh well).

We went on a plethora of fun dates and explored LA.

We spent many Saturday afternoons, long weekends, and lunch dates meeting in the middle with a few of our favorite people.

We lived on Balboa Island for a few short weeks in July and somehow that little beach house still feels like home whenever I see it.

We partied in San Fran and then drove the California coastline back to LA with all the sites in between (Big Sur?? Jaw dropper).

We celebrated TWO whole years of marriage in August with brunch at our favorite Provo haunt (and carried on the tradition of bad restaurant photos).

We made it to the happiest place on earth three times and always had the best company to enjoy it with.

David navigated the interview process, kicked booty in his interviews, got himself a new job, and made me a proud wife.

We met our annual famous person quota with Clinton Kelly this fall.  Check.

We ate some dang good food.

We married off the last Nemrow bachelor (sorry ladies).

Spent time with good friends.

And now it's time to start all over again.  January sometimes feels a little daunting that way.  It's a whole new year waiting to be filled up with experiences and pictures and memories, but it's also wonderful.

Bring it on 2014.  Let's make it great.

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Emily said...

This is such a fun and extensive compilation of photos! I really like your idea of doing a re-cap :) I don't consistently follow any blogs, but it was fun to come across yours and see your fun photos! I hope 2014 is a great year for you and David!