a pretty great day

So, this Wednesday turned out to be unexpectedly and delightfully full of family and Broadway.  I started off the morning driving to Glendale to meet up with mom, Brooke, my Aunt Betsy and her daughter and a bunch of other lovely ladies to nibble on fruits and pastries and listen to a group of very talented women sing Broadway and Christmas tunes.  Now, don't be thinking these are just a couple ladies plunking out a melody, no, some of these ladies have had leading roles on Broadway or worked in Hollywood.  It was really a treat.  So you can see how incredibly intimidating it would be when our hostess comes to the front and impromptu asks all the sisters in the room (of which our group contains the only ones) to come up and sing Sisters from White Christmas (little did she know that we all love that 1940's Christmas classic and had all just watched it on Sunday, but still!)  To get up and sing in front of all those crazy talented women?!  Well, it was fun - and we all decided that we would have sounded much better if we'd remembered our huge, blue boa fans.  Next time...

After brunch mom, Brooke, and I poked around my mom's old stomping grounds, stopped by shops my Nana used to love, splurged on Christmas decor, perused cute neighborhoods, and ate a yummy lunch.  It's so fun to spend girl time together like that and I really kept them up north much longer than I should have, but can you blame me?

I got home around 4:00 and figured on this "brisk" (hey it was in the 50's) December night I'd put on some thick socks, make a cuppa tea and curl up on the couch with a good book.  Then I got a call from my mom that my aunt was going to the Ahmanson Theatre that night to perhaps get into a FREE showing of Peter & the Star Catcher...and, well, that sounded pretty awesome to me.  So instead of putting on PJ's, I called Dave and we made plans to run down to the theatre when he got home to see if maybe we could get in.  Dave got home by 6:15, we were out the door by 6:25, and to the theatre by 7:20 - we won't comment on how fast we drove...and then we ended up getting FREE orchestra seats!  FREE TICKETS!  To a completely great production.

It was worth it.

So, it turned out to be a pretty great Wednesday - topped off with a HUGE, fluffy, white Christmas tree outside the theatre with ornaments almost as big as my head.  What more could you want out of your weekday night?  Not much my friends, not much.

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