too short

That's what all weekends are.  Too short.  There was a brief semester during my college career where I basically had a four day weekend every week.  I only had one class on Thursday mornings and no classes on Friday.  And I gotta tell you, I think that is the way life was meant to be lived.  Someone seriously messed up along the way of making the modern calendar.  So until that's fixed I guess were stuck with what we can jam into Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday.

This weekend we jumped in the car as early as humanly possible when Dave got home from work and ran down to Orange County (a 2 hour drive as opposed to the normal 1 thanks to you, Friday night traffic).  Brooke was singing in the annual OCMCO Christmas Concert and we just had to go enjoy her golden pipes.  The choir really puts on a great show, and lets be honest, we never pass up an opportunity to get all Christmasy with the fam.  It was great.

That night we went to bed at 1AM, which was, admittedly, not wise, but that's what happens when you're in such good company.  So on Saturday morning we really did mean to be back up in Santa Clarita by noon to set up for the ward Christmas party, but one thing led to another (and a few more Z's) and we ended up spending the morning thoroughly enjoying the pouring rain, sipping hot tea, doing Christmas shopping, sitting my the fire, and chatting some more. 

We did eventually make it back to Valencia and helped set up the rest of our ward's Christmas decor.  Dave and I were on the party planning committee (I'm sensing a pattern after being on that same board last year...) and were assigned to be Santa's helpers.  Me taking pictures of the kids with Santa, and Dave keeping them occupied with a craft while they waited in line.  Although a tiny bit of bedlam broke out, a few toddlers where in tears, and glitter and tiny bits of paper were everywhere, I think you could still call the night a success.

I mean, you know it's a good party when (besides all the pictures of Santa) this is the only picture  I took the whole night:
We were partying too hard to think to snap any other pictures!  Anyways, we had a good time, and part of me is still craving another piece of that tres leches cake they served...

Ah Christmastime, we are now in the full swing of you.  All our weekends are booked up with festivities and I couldn't be happier about it.  Now if only December 20th would get here sooner so the rest of the Tobler fam could be California bound, and we could really start to celebrate!

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