It was soooo good to get Dave home again (even if picking him up at LAX at 8PM on a Friday was a little bit of craziness).  And it was doubly great because my in laws were in town for the weekend as well!  They hopped the very first flight ever directly from Provo's tiny airport straight to LAX.  We're pretty stoked about maybe putting that route to good use in the future!

The Nemrows were in CA because a good friend of theirs was turning the big 6-0 this weekend and they came down to celebrate - and we were so happy to see them!  Now back up.  This good friend of the Nemrows is also a good friend of my family as well.  Long story short, through the mom grapevine, David's mom knew we were dating before he even told her.  Just another funny connection between the Nemrow and Tobler families (and there's plenty more - I should make a list...).

So on Saturday we met up with them in Laguna Beach, had some great Mexican food, gave lots of hugs, and sang happy birthday more than a few times (of course the Nemrow happy birthday song had to make an appearance).  It was some good fun - except we somehow didn't even think to bring our swimsuits!  And it was the. perfect. day. in Laguna (hand slapping forehead).  Oh well.  Next time.

We walked up and down Main Beach and that cute boy held my hand and my shoes.  He's a keeper that one...

We sure wish these two lived closer!  Us to them or them to us, we're not really that picky.  Good thing they love California's warmer winters, and it's just starting to get chilly up in Utah...so hopefully we can steal them away to the sunshine state again soon!

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Christy said...

That is a beautiful day at Laguna. I love your blog!