highlights #71

Somehow this has felt like the longest week in the world...how is it only Wednesday??  On the plus side, at least it is finally October and I can start pulling out my festive fall decor.  There are few things much sweeter than burning a pumpkin spice candle on a crisp fall day (now hurry up with the crispness please Santa Clarita!).  Dave and I are also both excited to mosey on back down to Orange County this weekend to watch General Conference with my folks (PS - look who's quoting LDS apostles), but until then here are some fun finds around the web:

the first signs of fall (why doesn't it get cold enough is California for tights???)

zombie chase?  The new 5K trend perhaps...?

you are awesome if you get 100% on this test (my score was 12)

six words to say to your child - I thought this was so cool!

the best hair trick

I'm all about the fierce gentlemen

I say yes to this shirt

this is all sorts of cool

great laundry room quote

new winner in our house

cute prints

and if you haven't smiled today, skip to minute 8 of this video.  Problem solved.


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Chelsie Clarke said...

I just took that color test... thinking I'd also be low... I totally got 100%! I guess being an art major is paying off after all!