When Dave is out of town on business for a week we all put on polka dots, grab our Mickey ears, and go to Disneyland.

And when we asked one of the Disney photographers in front of Cinderella castle to take our picture...this is what happened:

We got a mini photo shoot.  We didn't ask for these poses...I think he was just excited someone let him take their picture.  Well we didn't buy any of the ones you took of us on your camera, but thanks Disney guy.

And fall was all up and over the happiest place on earth.  If that doesn't make you smile I don't know what will.

And lastly, let it be known that the Teacups are one of my all time favorite rides.  So of course we had to hit those before we left:

And that was a wrap, because, you know, it was a school night for Brooke.

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