highlights #68

So, this being in between jobs thing is pretty fun right now (of course it helps to know there's another job lined up come September).  It's like we get a little summer vacation!  Next August I'm sure we'll look at each other and say we're read for another month off...what do you think E&Y??  For now we're enjoying all this freedom and having as much fun as humanly possible.

Next on the list is a few weeks in Utah for family time, best friend's weddings, and so so much fun lovin' the beehive state.  Can't. Wait.

Here are some fun posts around the web:

this makes me love John Krasinski even more

eat fit cutlery

those Canadians know what's up

awesome DIY

thinking about driving PCH (do it)

an awesome hotel

genius.  I'll take all these clothes please.

a great cookbook idea

and this woman is pretty amazing (her Julia Roberts impression? Awesome)


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