baby sister birthday weekend

We spent this past weekend down in Orange County with the fam planning Brooke's surprise 18th birthday bash.

But, first and foremost, a beach day was definitely in order.  

It was a lovely day in San Clemente.  As the story goes, David has been coming to this beach south of the pier with his family for years, and I've been coming to this beach north of the pier with my family for years...so we're pretty sure we were there at the same time at one point along the way.  I'm sure.

The next day was all about getting Brooke's birthday partay prepared.  We had life size Jenga & lawn Twister, ping pong & Mexican Cokes, and a caricature artist + a rockin' s'mores bar.  It was fun times and she was totally surprised.  I think we done good.

Sunday was really Brookie Sue's b-day and she is a whole EIGHTEEN years old!   That makes me feel so old.  When did this little lady get so big?!?

It was a pretty fun weekend.  We love this little sis of ours, and we especially love celebrating her.  Happy 18th B-day Brookie Sue!  I'm glad we decided to keep you, even though I wasn't quite sure about you at first ;)  Love you!

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