musuem wednesday

So this past month we've been gone more than we've been home (and we haven't been home for one single weekend!  Craziness), but I had a few goals to do when we were home sweet home, and one of them was to do an afternoon lunch date at the Getty.

Yesterday afternoon we packed ourselves a lunch, hopped on the 405, and rode the tram up the museum.  I love me a good tram ride, by the way, especially one with lovely views of LA homes and hills.  The city was, most unfortunately, swathed in fog smog today, but we expected nothing less from you LA ;)

The Getty is so stinkin' beautiful by the by.  I could wander around there all day...and, well, we did!  However,  I always forget how tired museums make you!  I swear, I walk in and all of sudden my hand goes to my lower back and I'm looking for a chair.  Don't worry, I persevered.  

Dave also found his twin among the sculptures.  I mean, that face?  So fabulous.   And we met the most darling docents.  I tell you, when Dave and I are retired, we can go become docents at the Getty.  I'm down for that.

And it was a lovely day.  We'll lunch on the lawn of the Getty anytime.

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