toblers @ balboa: part 2

The next week started off with a lovely Sunday and a stroll around the Newport Beach Temple - my fave.

Brendan and Megan hopped on a plane back to the Midwest earlier that morning diminishing our party by two.  So very sad. 

And to add sadness to sadness, I sent Dave off and back to work on Sunday night.  I'm so silly, but it was crazy hard to say goodbye for a whole week!  We did this for almost 3 months while we were engaged, but I guess something about living together everyday for the last two years has gotten us a little attached to each other or something.

Needless to say there was a lot of this going on during the week:

Sans David we did throw Chris an early surprise 30th birthday bash that was pretty darn fun.  Good friends, sloppy joes, and ice cream cake.  What more could a soon to be 30-year-old want?

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and we made one final BalBar run on Tuesday night and said goodbye to Chris & Kristin on Wednesday morning.  Leaving it just the three girls and dad at the beach house.

And once everyone left the weather somehow took notice because the sun went into hiding and afternoon showers weren't unheard of.  

But we decided not to care.  Seeing as how we only had three bikes, and there were only three of us left (with dad at work during the day) we figured a bike ride on the peninsula was in order.  We rode the ferry over - which is always so fun - and cruised the Newport boardwalk.  My bum was a bit (a lot) sore afterwards, but such is the price you pay for choosing the bike with the tiniest seat.  My fault.

Fortunately the clouds eased up a bit and proved to be excellent canvas for some spectacular sunsets.  So I won't complain about them too much.  

And them, boom!  When David joined us again on Friday?  Sunshine.  Just like that.  If I'd known it was going to be that easy I would have made him come down sooner ;)

That last Friday was spent basking in the sun, reading on the porch, swimming the canal in front of our house (exhausting to us non-swimmers) and, of course, strolling Marine Avenue for dinner and a BalBar.

And that was a wrap!  We woke up early the next morning, swept the kitchen, packed out bags, Dave said hello to Bubbles the pug down the street, and we said our goodbyes to Baron Cottage.

I could get used to an annual family tradition like this...

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