highlights #65

It's been such a fun (and long) two weeks away that it's kinda been hard to adjust back to the day-to-day of normal life!  What is it that do again?  I guess it doesn't help that I'm sick and down for the count right now.  While I go take more DayQuil and find a kleenex here are some fun finds from my last few days of couch sitting.

go away, I'm reading

I'm in love with this bathroom (especially the tile floor!)

I've started to do a one-line-a-day journal from my phone and am totally loving my DayOne app

this blows my mind, definitely watch the video of how it's done

never get tired of the Brits and their fascinators 

a great story for all you Craiglist hunters

David sent me this link the other day.  Enjoy.

and for some reason I was looking at wedding dresses this morning - this one and this one are so perfect
(and while we're talking weddings, this one - shot by my fave Jessica Claire - is so stinkin' fun and full of whimsy)


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Chelsie Clarke said...

i STILL love these.