So, we had a pretty fun weekend.   What with having David around for a whole week, and then playing for another week with my family, this past week as been a little boring...so it was my goal to jazz up our weekend as much as possible.

Friday night was our Stake Temple Day, and, to be honest, I don't think Dave and I have ever actually gone to the temple on a designated ward or stake day...it's always just so much easier to go when we plan it.  But it worked out this Friday night.  I grabbed Dave from work, fed him some mac n' cheese via tupperware (fancy stuff), and we went with everyone.  It was so much fun to be surrounded by some familiar faces, and we had a lovely peaceful night.
       And P.S. the LA Temple is so ridiculous beautiful.  It is always such a treat to come see it.

Saturday turned into lesson planning day because both David and I were teaching classes in church this Sunday - and, actually, David was teaching TWO!  So we were in prep-mode.  But later in the afternoon we called it good and headed down to Griffith Park for some Shakespeare in the Park.  More accurately, it was Oliver Goldsmith in the park this weekend as they preformed She Stoops to Conquer (don't worry, we'll go back for some Shakespeare this week).  I'd never heard of this show until now, but it was tons of fun, and, besides, it's just so enjoyable to be outside on a summer's night enjoying good entertainment (for FREE!).  We gave it two thumbs way up.

And that was that.  We wrapped up the whole weekend (drum roll please), eating pie a la mode and playing dominoes on the living room floor Sunday night.  Quite the crescendo to a fun few days.

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