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This past weekend we had a particularly fun date night.  After a day of cleaning the house and preparing lessons for Sunday, Dave and I headed down into LA to eat at a cafe called The Pie Hole...and oh baby, we were two happy campers.  First of all, I instantly loved this place per its name because it made me think of this beloved show, and secondly, David is an avid fan of all and any things pie.  We were basically made for this place.

It was 

Dave got himself a cheeseburger pie (which was way better than it sounds, I promise), and I got a cornbread and chicken pot pie (melt in your mouth deliciousness with green chilies).  And we, of course, shared a decadent dessert of maple custard pie, which basically tasted like creme brulee in pie form.  We were so enthralled we almost bought their overly priced t-shirts.

Now when it comes to pie, Dave is pretty partial to those of the berry variety, which they had none of this past Saturday.  Upon inquiry we found out that they were going to start rolling out their seasonal berry pies the very next day!! Blast you timing.  I guess we'll have to go back.  (oh darn)

After so much good food we strolled a little around LA's art district, which we quickly found out wasn't very strollable.  So back in the car and off to Griffith Observatory we went.

The observatory is up on a hill that looks over the whole LA basin and the drive up is no mean feat.  First we had to get past the crowd thronging to see Barry Manilo at the Greek Theatre, and then there were a million other cars looking for parking...what??  Seriously, when did so many people go hang out at the observatory?  Turns out the LA Sidewalk Astronomers and Planetary Society were holding their monthly public Star Party that night and people were flocking in throngs up the hill.

The guy that took this last picture of us was kind of my favorite.  I saw him and his wife struggling with the tricky conundrum of trying to take a good picture of yourselves without having to ask someone awkwardly to take it for you because no one is making eye contact and you will just be fine with this sub par photo of the two of you.  It's a conundrum I often find myself in as well.  So I offered to snap one for them if they'd do one for us.  When I gave him my phone I told him I was sure he had mad photo skills and his wife laughed and said he's a professional photographer!  He got all down in front of us all serious like and snapped three or four pictures which were all framed so nicely.  And then I felt all self conscious about the few pictures I took for them...

It was a really fun date night, but I think I'll have to take Dave back when a) there are not so many people there and b) we weren't so pooped.  Somehow right when we walked into the museum we both looked at each other and sighed in exhaustion.  I didn't really read a single exhibit, but we did watch a presentation narrated by Lenard Nimoy, and if that doesn't make the trip up there worth it I don't know what does.

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Brooke said...

Sounds like observatories are just like museums; you feel fine, but once you enter them your lower back immediately aches and you're tired before you've even reached the first reading card. ;) Sounded like so much fun though, we MUST go to the Pie Hole sometime!!