highlights #62

Please note: I've gone to the gym every morning this week.  Yes, it's only been 3 days, but that's a new record for me.  Be impressed.

In other news I'm starting to get really excited about my family's upcoming vacation to Balboa Island for the 4th of July!  Like really excited...T minus 16 days til the beach house!  Bathing suit shopping has commenced (thoughts on this one in black paisley anyone?) We also talked to David's family yesterday and it's been decided that we'll be spending a week up in Utah with them in August.  I LOVE Utah summers so I'm getting pretty excited about that one too.

I.  Love.  Summer.

And now some fun posts to keep us busy while I wish I was in Newport Beach:

a cute proposal (I'm a sucker for these things)

cool photography

probably the only beach towel I'd be tempted to drop $150 on...

baby name anxiety (guilty as charged, no we're not pregnant)

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everything you need to know about these cronuts (I had no idea was they were...)

speaking of summer...

the hardest thing for me

for you HP nerds (like me...)

a cute twist on a summer classic

cool double exposure tutorial

and a video to make you laugh


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Jarelle Case said...

What week in August?!