Yesterday we had our Standards Night program for our young women. I have little recollection of participating in this event growing up (though that doesn't mean it didn't happen...), but its basically a nice program to reemphasize our standards and values to the girls and their parents.

Our ward takes it a bit further and honors our outgoing laurels at this time as well. Per ward tradition, these older girls wear a wedding dress that night to remind them to keep the temple as their goal (not to push them into getting married ASAP, even though that's what it kind of looks like).  I was a little iffy about this tradition at first, but the girls loved it and they especially loved flouncing around in a big fancy dress all night. It was pretty fun.

P.S. Coral was the color of the night in case you can't tell. Good thing Julie and I got the memo.

It was a sweet meeting, but it made me have to come to terms with the fact that my little (big) laurels are soon on their way off to college! Time flies too fast, wasn't that just me...??

Watch out BYU and UCSD! You got some great ladies comin' your way.

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