food drives & bubble baths

This last weekend we headed back down to Orange County to watch Brooke in her OCMCO choir concert.  She's pretty awesome and sung even though she was sick!  Wise or not, the concert was lovely, and in the haste to get to the car among crowds of people we took zero pictures.  My bad.  They're a fabulous choir, though, and my favorite number was their finale of How Great Thou Art composed to include a fiddle soloist and strong Celtic vibes.  It was great.

Since we were already down in Orange County, we decided to stay the night with the fam, and help out the next morning with their stake's Mormon Helping Hands food drive project.  Our stake had a service project on Saturday too...but serving is serving right?  We don't feel too guilty.

 After working all morning we ate a DE-licious lunch at Bruxie, where I had the most mouth watering buttermilk fried chicken waffle with honey coleslaw.  Mmmm mmm good!  And of course topped it off with a nutella waffle + custard to share.   If you're ever in Southern California and looking for a bite?  This is the place to go.

The rest of Saturday was spent relaxing and napping.  After staying up so late the night before it was a welcome rest.  We topped off the night BBQ and a dip in the hot tub that was a little, um, bubbly...

The pool man said it was safe to get in and the bubbles were from an algae treatment he was running for us.  So...we had bubbles in the hot tub!  A first, I must say, and a funny cap to a great weekend.

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Caroline McKell said...

My mother and sister-in-law do OCMCO and they love it!

I enjoy checking in with your blog and seeing your happenings! Miss you guys!