time flies

One year ago this holiday weekend we were loaded up in our U-haul cruisin' down the I-15 towards sunny CA.  Honestly the most memorable part of that trip was trying to figure out how to park our huge truck, staying at Buffalo Bills for the night (leaving much to be desired...), and waiting in bumper to bumper traffic for over an hour to drive less than a mile to our pit stop.  Oh and then unloading the contents of said truck into our apartment...on the 3rd floor.  Thank goodness for our elder's quorum and the missionaries.  They were LIFESAVERS.  Literally.

Needless to say, I'm really pretty glad we're not driving too far this weekend (cough cough, please be kind LA traffic).  We'll be hanging out with my fam down in Orange County, and, weather permitting, we're planning to be soaking up some rays at the beach.  Fingers crossed.  Sunscreen packed.

Three day weekends are really my favorite kind of weekends.  Waking up Monday morning and knowing you have no responsibilities is bliss.  Can't wait.

Pictures via Pinterest: left, right

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