gateway to summer

Our long weekend started Friday night when we hopped in the car and headed down to Orange County to stay with my parents.  I know I sound like a broken record, but it rocks to live so close to them.  We honestly see each other every other week at least.  It's great.

The boys were up bright and early Saturday for a 7:45 tee time down in San Clemente and we ladies got our beauty sleep.  We decided to head to the beach for the afternoon around 12:00, but upon entering the freeway on ramp we realized our mistake.  Duh, it was Memorial Day weekend!  Everyone and their dog were on the 5-South on the way to the beach.  We waded slowly through the sea of traffic, but around San Juan we decided we'd try to shoot down to PCH...with 100 of our closest friends.  Turns out everyone else had the same idea.  It was at that point we decided to jump ship, turn around, get some lunch, and salvage the afternoon.

We ended up in downtown San Juan for afternoon tea at The Tea House on Los Rios and had a great time sipping tea and eating cucumber sandwiches.

We had a pretty great time trying on all their hats while we waited for a table...

We were a tad bit under dressed for the occasion - ahem, swimsuit coverups and minimal makeup - but we decided we'd just roll with it.  This was a spontaneous afternoon.

 PS they served scones with clotted cream...I was in heaven.

After tea we walked around the charming street of downtown San Juan where, it so happens, we took pictures on our wedding day.  This house look familiar to anyone...?

May 2013
August 2011
Time flies...

Sunday was spent quietly with the family attending church in my home ward, and getting to hear Brooke sing in Sacrament Meeting was a special treat. 

Monday was planned for a beach day, but after Saturday's fiasco we decided to play it safe and lounge by the pool.  The morning was brisk so we caught a matinee of the new Star Trek movie and came home to hop in the pool.
Quite literally...

It was a lazy afternoon in the sun and a day well spent with good company.

This long weekend was over too soon, but we're starting to get excited for the Tobler family 4th of July on Balboa Island!  It's only a month(ish) away!  Let the countdown begin.

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