my best friend's wedding

Two Fridays ago Dave and I got off work as early as humanly possible (what with busy season and a crazy night at my office), grabbed some McDonald's for the road, and hopped on the 210 East towards Phoenix, Arizona for a very important event:

My best friend was getting married!!!!

We (meaning Dave) drove through the night and didn't roll into Ma & Pa Fuller's house til 2:30 in the AM.  Our other friends had already arrived earlier that day, and I asked them to please not wait up for us.  We let ourselves in with the key under the mat (aka: breaking and entering) and were greeted with these:

We were sleep deprived.  
We died laughing.

After 5ish hours of rest we were up and excited to see everyone.  Fresh grapefruit right off the tree in the backyard for breakfast, a quick shower, and some make up later we were in the car on the way to the Mesa, Arizona temple.

Neither Dave or I had ever been to the Mesa temple before, and it was lovely.  The whole place was surrounded with orange trees full of fruit, and it was a lovely desert day (as in we weren't sweating too badly).

And about an hour later...they did it!  These two cute kids got themselves hitched and I don't think the smiles could have gotten any bigger.

C+C for life.  I'm so happy for this cute girl.  We were random roommates our first summer semester at BYU all those years ago and we've pretty much been inseparable since.  And now she's a married woman!  Good thing I like that Jonny.  We wouldn't give up our Caitlin to just anyone...

After celebrating the boys, understandably, didn't feel like sticking around to take pictures, pictures, and more pictures.  So while we stuck around and got shutter-happy with Papa Fuller the amazing photographer and his protege, Jarelle:

They went off and hiked a mountain:

That night the real party started down in Casa Grande.  There was cake, tacos, DE-licous Eegee's smoothies, dancing, pictures, and lots of love.  

Yes the lighting is bad.  No I didn't bring my big camera.  This was one event I decided to just enjoy.  iPhones were invented for a reason.

And that was that!  We drove in late Friday night, partied all Saturday, and took off Sunday afternoon after church with these awesome gals:

It was great weekend and it went by way too fast.  Too bad we couldn't steal these great girls (and the bride & groom for that matter) and bring them back to Santa Clarita with us.  Maybe next time...

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