Yesterday we were sort of running on time.  State Conference was at 7:00, it takes 5 minutes to get to the church,  and we were out the door by 6:50.

Cutting it close.

The door latch wasn't turning so I asked Dave to lock it.  As the door is swinging closed behind us I turn to him and say, "You've got the keys."  And he looks up and says, "No, you?" "Um, no."


Locked out.  If we were still in our basement Provo apartment we could have easily climbed in through our back window.  Now we're on the third floor with no such luck.  But don't fret: a phone call, 20 minutes, a locksmith, and 85 dollars later we got that door open and made it to the church for the last half of the meeting.

I think we win for the most dedication to get to Stake Conference.

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