the past few days

What a lovely weekend.  We spent time with family, ate (a lot of) good food, watched general conference, learned some great things, skyped with people we love, and just enjoyed every minute of it.

During the men's priesthood session my girls and I went shopping and had such a fun time.  My little sister got asked to her homecoming dance (!!) in a few weeks and we where on the hunt for the perfect accessories - - - and we came home with a whole new (adorable) dress.  She is going to be the belle of the ball and the classiest looking girl on the dance floor.  I can't wait.  While we were perusing the stores I kept making comments about how "we," as in my mom, my sister, and I, were going to homecoming, how "we" would do our hair, and how "we" would have such a good time.  It seems I'm reliving high school vicariously through her, and I'm pretty sure the same thing will happen when she goes away to college . . .

It still feels so odd to be going to my parent's home so often.  We really only get down there once a month at most, but for the past 4 years I only went home a few times a year; i.e. Christmas and summertime.  So now that we just jump in the car and run down south for the weekend, it feels like we're overindulging.  Like we're using up our precious home time because we only get so much!  I know that's silly, but when we pulled out of my parent's neighborhood last night I had this choking feeling in my throat like I used to get when we would leave to make the trek back up to Utah for winter semester and I wouldn't see my parents again for a few months.  I had to remind myself that I'm going to be back down for a long weekend in 2 weeks and that we only live an hour-ish away from them now.  It's still a treat I'm getting used to and loving everything about it.

P.S. I brought the majority of my last batch of pumpkin cookies down for the weekend and didn't come back with a one.  My dad is a pumpkin cookie eatin' machine.

Picture via Mormon Newsroom of Temple Square in Salt Lake

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