friday lunch

I hopped in the car in the early afternoon on Friday in time to get to Orange County and do lunch with my momma.  She suggested we go down to the coast to grab a bite and I, of course, couldn't say no.

We headed down to Laguna Beach without a set plan and ended up at Madison Square & Garden Cafe.  For the past couple of Christmas Eves we've gone just next door to a restaurant called The Cottage, but we've enjoyed it so much we've never made it next door . . . till Friday!   It was such a fun and quirky home decor store that just happens to have a kitchen in the middle of it and little tables out in the garden for noshing/ drinking in that buttery Laguna sunshine.  It was pretty great, and even if our salads weren't quite up to par, we rounded off the meal with a DE-licous coconut macaroon to share.  I mean, what meal isn't great that ends with a macaroon, right?

It really is just so lovely to be living close to my family now and how we can just pop down to see them whenever we please (traffic permitting).  We definitely miss being 5 minutes away from the Nemrows, but trading that in for being an hour & 20 minutes to the Toblers ain't too bad either.

Life is grand.

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