highlights no.53

It's sorta starting to feel fall-ish around here!  IT'S 69 DEGREES OUT THERE RIGHT NOW!  69 degrees!  All our windows are open and I'm fully enjoying the cloud cover.  It'll be up in the 80's by the end of the week, but no matter, I'm going to take full advantage of the "crispness" and make some yummy cream of broccoli soup and a batch of cornbread tonight.  We love you fall.  Will you please come in full already?  I'm dying for some colder-ish weather around here . . .

In the meantime here are some fun posts from around the web:

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save the dates . . . underwater!

some personalized iphone cases

a beauty secret (that I've been doing all week and it works great!)

wish I'd thought of this for our wedding invites!

some interesting thoughts on hypnobirth

and . . . think what you will, but I thought THIS was fabulously hilarious



Chelsie Clarke said...

im tearing up I'm laughing so hard from that last link... REALLY? lol

Katrina P. said...

I just started hynobabies (different program from hypnobirth-she talks about it too) and it's awesome. SO SO awesome. I was freaked out by it but it's probably the best thing for an anxious person like myself. The best part about it is that you're in control of everything and have the ability to dictate the birth of your baby. The doctor's got nothing on you when you do this program :) Okay, so maybe I've turned into a hippie...