Romney, Obama, & the Nemrow's living room

 David's comments during the presidential debate last night:

          "This is better than a BYU football game!"

          "Man, this is good crap."

          "I need to call my dad . . ."

          "THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!!"

          "It's not personal - it's business.  Fight!  Fight to the death!"

          "Give him a little jab!  A left hook!" 

          "That was a cheap blow Romney!  Playin' kinda dirty there . . ." 


          "It's been a minute and a half Romney - don't take all the time!"

Now insert him jumping around the living room, boxing the air with his fists, doing karate chop moves, pacing back and forth, and standing on top of our stools :

Yeah,  he's just up there releasing nervous energy. 

You think this kid is a little invested in the election?

Me neither.

Picture via These Are Things

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Jarelle Fuller said...

I like the chick-flick quote. Good man!