highlights no.55

So, I feel pretty justified about missing last week's Wednesday post.  In celebration for getting home from work before the sun went down, David and I went out to dinner and watched The Amazing Race - so, no, a highlights post didn't happen.  But this week it will!  And boy am I happy it's Wednesday AND Halloween!  Dave and I are going to watch an old Dracula flick - Nosferatu - and maybe hand out candy to some trick-or-treaters if they make it up to us on the third floor!

Anyways, before the little hooligans arrive, here are some fun posts from around the web :

are you hungry yet?

these kids or, more likely, their parents, are hard core

fun party food!

some great parenting tips

the difference a little eyeliner will make

a little shine

I love these spoons

I think I'm overdue for a Target run . . .

and . . . this makes me smile

Happy Halloween!

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Annie said...

Haha love the cats!