the best laid plans

This weekend I was going to be SO prepared.  On Saturday, I sat down and made a two-week meal plan for us and then made David go shopping with me so I wouldn't have to carry all the groceries up our (4 flights of) stairs by myself.

In more efforts to be overly ready for another crazy workweek, I planned to make a lasagna on Sunday afternoon that we could pull out of the freezer mid week and enjoy.  Since I (most unfortunately) work til 8 in the PM on Mondays and Tuesdays, I was also all set with a tried and true crock pot dinner for dinner tonight. 

So PRE-pared.

This morning, being the pulled together and calm person that I was, I threw together all the ingredients for dinner together, tossed them in the slow cooker, finished getting ready for the day, left instructions for David to finish up the meal/ unload the dishwasher, and ran off to the office. 

. . . and around 5:45 in the evening I got a text

Um . . . did you forget to plug in the crock pot?  It looks like dinner will be ready in 6 hours . . .

No crock pot yummy dinner tonight for us. Good thing I made that lasagna!

Picture via A Blondie Day

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Annie said...

Hate it when that happens!! Good thing you were so prepared you had the lasagna! ;)