the flowers

One year ago I wore a big white (pink) dress and had the greatest day of my life.  There was good food, great music, and the people I loved all in one place.  A few days after that great day, on a beach in Hawaii, I sat up suddenly and realized that after that completely wonderful day, I completely forgot to throw my bouquet!

WHAT??  At that point it didn't really matter - the day was over, and we were currently hundreds of miles away on our honeymoon - but all the same it was so disappointing!  I didn't toss my bouquet at my own wedding!

Well, lo and behold, last night I got my second chance:

These were the two thoughtful girls who orchestrated the whole thing.  I gotta tell you, I get to work with some pretty great girls at church, no doubt about that.

And here's the lovely lady who caught my flowers - she's only 17 - hopefully she's not plannin' on jumping the gun and gettin' hitched any time soon.



Lauren said...

carly! i just came across your blog (via facebook) and it's so stinkin cute. i actually just started blogging again and i'm trying to design my page, but it all seems a little over my head. do you mind if i ask how you did your layout? i love how simple and pretty it is. anyway, hope all is well!


Christy said...

It's so bizarre to hear you be called Sister Nemrow, I bet you think that too huh, it takes a while for the married name to feel normal I think. What a cute story, you can tell they love you, as do I sister.