Sometimes I actually make the crafty things I pin on Pinterest.


Are you ready to be impressed?  I was checking out my food board yesterday night and I figured out I've actually made a decent amount of the foodie things I've pinned!  Like over 40 of them!  (Proof here!)  However, when we get on the crafty side of things I'm not as much of a doer.  We need to eat, I don't quite need  to craft.  Oh well.  But, yesterday I actually made this one AND found a way to use some of my vast postcard collection - your thoughts?

The pinspiration  :

The Carly version :

I love getting to have my postcards on display and our home was obviously lacking in wreath decor.

Win.  Win.

P.S. I also think this would be fun to do with Christmas cards during the holidays!


Annie said...

That's perfect! Such a good idea. I may or may not be stealing it... ;)

Christa Jeanne said...

Ooooh, how adorable!!! Ditto Annie - I may have to do likewise. I'm so sentimental, I keep EVERYTHING, but that just equals lots of boxes. Challenge for this winter: turn the stuff into something functional, like scrapbooks or decor like this. This is too perfect! Love it!

Jarelle Fuller said...

I can't wait until I can be a stay-at-home wife so I can craft. It's a NEED for me:) Thank you for putting up a wreath, it always makes my heart happy to have one!