happy notes

(1)  We leave for the beach above tomorrow.

(2)  I taped all of the prime-time Olympic coverage from last night and now I get to watch it sans commercials this afternoon (the best).

(3)  I get daily travel information emails about the Olympics from London - they still seem to think I live there, & I'm not going to be the one to correct them.

(4)  I'm pretty sure today's the day I'm actually going to hang something on our family room wall. . .two months after we moved in - updates to come if it happens.

& (5)  In eight days Dave & I will have been married for one whole year.

What more is there to be happy about?

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Annie said...

Thanks for the reminder that my birthday is in 8 days! :) Enjoy the beach! After spending every other weekend there last summer I am having some major withdrawals this year!

Brendan said...

Thanks for the count-down. It is nice to know that as long as I read your blog I will not forget my anniversary.