chick food

David, bless him, will eat pretty much everything I put in front of him, even if I tend to make chick food for dinner more often than not - aka: salads, grilled chicken breasts, lots of veges &, most recently, quiche.

He's such a good sport.  I made THIS yummy & easy crust-less quiche recipe for dinner Tuesday night (thanks for the recommendation Christa!) and it turned out pretty yummy, but I learned something.
I really, really like crust on my quiche.  
Let it be known.

It turned out well for my first quiche ever, but I definitely would fix a couple things.

Notes for next time round:
  • Cut sun dried tomatoes into smaller bits
  • Definitely make sure to have sweet onions on hand/ cut them into bigger bits
  • And, for heavens sake, don't forget that buttery, delicious crust!

Thanks for putting up with my cooking Dave - I'll try to make something more manly for dinner soon ;)

P.S. Quiche always makes me think of the end of THIS commercial - still so funny.

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Christa Jeanne said...

Glad you liked it! Yeah, crusts are pretty tasty... unless you're gluten free like I (should) be.