August 11th

Saturday was the loveliest.  It was our first full day at our beach house in San Clemente & I woke up to raisin bran on our patio & this fabulous view:

Hello, life is tough.
Then it was down to the beach for the afternoon with waves way too far over our heads and lots of reading and relaxing.  DE-lightful.

Then it was back to the house for sunsets, a great view, family time & dinner:

I've decided it would be alright to stay here forever.

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brynners said...

Okay so this is really random and slightly creepy but whatever i'm going with it! This is Brynn, i'm Spencer's cousin from Utah I met you at his homecoming this summer. I stumbled upon your blog from Kristen's :) So i was looking at this post and loving your pictures! SO to make a long story short I know a company that i use to maks me a planner every year and you can customize the covers and I was wondering if you would send me a high res jpeg of the ocean picture (2nd from the bottom) that I could use for mine this year?! It's for personal use only and i promise to send you a picture of the final result! If you want you can just email me
{ brynnduerden@gmail.com }

Okay that's all. Hopefully you don't feel to creeped on!

Thanks! Bye!