highlights no.45

It's Wednesday!  I'm especially excited for hump day this week because we're headed to SAN CLEMENTE on Friday to sunbath and frolic in the surf with the Nemrow fam for a glorious five days.
I.  Can't.  Wait.

Until then I'm trying to stay productive and distracted. . . hopefully these web finds will help:

in honor of our awesome US Olympic swim team I hope we've all watched THIS video already - it makes me smile

a super fun hotel - who else wants to come to Nairobi with me?

a self-esteem booster from your closet

the world's UGLIEST shoe

a genius idea

a great knock-off

a gorgeous sugar dusted cake (I need to remember this one for future dinner parties)

everyone loves a good Vader commercial

foodie flags

what to do with white flowers

& (in case you don't have enough Olympic spirit) isn't this Pinterest board amazing?



Kathleen said...

Love, Love, Love all of our finds!

Kathleen said...

Hmm...I meant all of YOUR finds :)

Brendan and Megan said...

Loved the video!!! So fun!