Yesterday was a lovely adventure to Harbor Cove beach out in Ventura with some ladies from our ward.
Pros:  We parked two feet away from the beach, and it was FREE
Cons:  The beach was CHILLY, and, unfortunately, the sun never came out.

Additional Pro: The drive from Santa Clarita to Ventura was worth the goosebumps.  It was delightful and I will most definitely will be exploring it with David sometime soon.

We also stopped at the most darling farmer's market right off the side of the highway that had these delicious Mexican macaroons.  I'm not sure how they're different from regular macaroons, but they were yummy.  I'm ready for another round.

P.S. This is the new ($20 from Marshalls!) rug in our kitchen...your thoughts?  I'm still trying to decide, but to be honest I need to figure it out quick before it kills someone.  There's no rug pad underneath there and I've started to get pretty good at slipping around the kitchen.  David not so much.  Yikes!


Jordan and Laura said...

cute rug! must keep.

Kristin said...

You have so much to explore up there! So exciting. And big yes from me on the rug. Can't wait to see you this weekend! Love you!