a cultured birthday

Last Saturday was my oldest brother Christopher's 29th birthday and, for the first time in a long time, we actually got to spend it with him!  Both Christopher and Kristin just happen to be down in California for other reasons (like little brothers getting home from missions and family reunions) and we were lucky enough to snag the pair of them away for Saturday afternoon. 

Celebrating commenced with a Sprinkles' cupcake followed by a trip to the Getty, sketches by Gustav Klimt, a room full of Impressionistic art, and was topped off with lunch at a fabulous little cafe in Beverly Hills and a stroll down Rodeo Drive. 

I'd say that was a pretty successful birthday.

Did I mention lunch was good?  I wouldn't resist taking a picture of my humus and vege panini.  And my couscous?  SO delicious.  We'll be going back to the Panini Cafe for sure.

Happy birthday Chris!  Thanks for a great excuse to celebrate!

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