highlights no. 42

Somewhere between cleaning our microfiber couches (a challenge - I found this helpful) and buying a new rug for our kitchen I completely forgot to post yesterday.  So this is Web Wednesday.  On Thursday.  It happens.

This morning is cloudy and delightful out in Santa Clarita and my weather app even says it's going to RAIN today.  I don't believe it, of course, but it's nice to see the optimism all the same.  I miss those Utah summer thunderstorms.  Today, however,  I'm headed down to the beach in Ventura with a few ladies from church - hopefully we find a bit of sun down there!

I NEED want this poster

a good article on what drowning actually looks like

you go Meryl

oh the things you can do with paint swatches

how cute is this girl and her collection idea?

modern vase

a great (and feasible) kitchen make-over - there are some really great tips!

how to take better vacation pictures (because we all know we want to)

AND in case you haven't laugh yet today:
please look at THIS
and watch THIS (and yes I just watched it again when I posted this)


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Chelsie Clarke said...

no way, made it onto my favorite web wednesday, thursday style.

life is complete. :P