things of note

This morning marked two important events.

First of all, today was the first time in a year that we've unloaded dishes from a dishwasher.  Such appliances were few and farther between in our Provo married housing experience, and I seriously woke up and turned to David this morning with an excited smile that, " Our dishes are CLEAN!  And all I did was rinse them!  Let's go unload them!"  A bit too much excitement in there?  Perhaps.

This morning also marked the first morning I've eaten breakfast at an actual TABLE - as in sitting in a chair, not slumped on the couch over the coffee table (like we've been doing for the past 10 months).  You know why...?  Because we (finally) bought our very first dining table last night!  I'm all sorts of excited about it, and so is my back.  Pictures on that to come, ya know, when the house looks a bit more presentable to the public.


P.S. Also, one more event this morning, Pinterest decided to have a nervous breakdown and delete everyone I follow...what was once almost 200 now is down to 4.  Darn it.

Picture via Pinterest


Jordan and Laura said...

That pinterest debacle would seriously throw me off so badly. I hope it gets better. I depend on that stupid site so stinkin much.

Carly Michelle said...

I keep track of most everything by Pinterest - I tell ya, if they ever go under I'll be in trouble...