this & that

Lovin' THIS little sugar bowl from Anthropologie - we use it all the time and it's so much nicer not to have to reach for my huge sugar canister every time I need to sweeten my cheerios. (P.S. it's only $10)

And seriously eyein' THAT sheet set from West Elm...very seriously, actually.  Perhaps a belated birthday present to me?  I think so.

Hope you all have a lovely Saturday!  We're going to try make it out to the beach sometime today after David is done CPA studying (bleh) for some much needed vitamin D - don't worry Mom, I already packed the sunscreen.



Jordan and Laura said...

That West Elm sheet set is so cute! We got a set from there that looks almost exactly like that! With a big fluffy blanket. Get it. Very comfy and obvi very cute!

We'll miss you at church tomorrow!

Carly Michelle said...

It's decided - I need them!
And we'll miss seeing you guys every Sunday too! I guess we'll just have to keep track of each other over the blogosphere ;)